containing-time-3Containing Time shown at Korsbarsgarden Gotland Sweden this summer June / July.


My work has evolved recently to connect up the different strands of my professional practise as a ceramic artist, photographer, writer and film maker in a new interactive way. It arose from feeling creatively blocked and needing a new challenge.

Spanning a year in the form of a weekly diary, the idea examines interlocking themes of materials, environment, time and journeys through an exploration of a spontaneously and randomly found material. The material could be organic or man made and presents itself to me as life unfolds. It could be in my home and garden environment, during a walk, or while travelling for work or pleasure. Many, but not all of the materials have been collected from my locale in rural Suffolk. For example rose hips were found during a walk, olive stones were saved from the kitchen, limestone shingle was collected from a beach in Sweden whilst on holiday.

I use the senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch to describe with text and poetry the moment and experience of finding.  The simple act of stopping, engaging the senses and selecting an often overlooked  everyday object gives it fresh significance and allows me to discover  unexpected places. Initial engagement with the material develops further as I separate it from its context and use it as a vehicle for creative expression.

I will be posting regularly about this project.