Containing Time

Soundscape Kevin Flanagan / Curated by Linda Theophilus
Containing Time connects up the different strands of my practise as ceramic artist, photographer, writer and film maker together with a sound collaboration.

‘Bringing all these forms of expression together Jane Perryman has created a new body of work that has transformed the vessel to become a record of time and place’
Phillip Hughes Director, Ruthin Craft Centre

‘In Containing Time each group is a still life – a synthesis of nature and culture, process and product, where the burnished bowls encapsulate a timeless essence distilled from an ephemeral moment. The project wonderfully gathers together four decades of work and experience.’
Professor Moira Vincentelli

Containing Time About

Spanning a year in the form of a weekly diary, Containing Time examines interlocking themes of materials, environment, time and journeys through an exploration of a spontaneously and randomly found material. Read More

Containing Time Images

Containing Time Photo Frottage Text Poem

Rapeseed Pods, Suffolk Footpath
11 June


Today the sky is overcast with a low blanket of dull grey. We have had rain and cold for several days. Read More

Containing Time Touring Venues

Containing Time at Fen Ditton Cambridge 2019
Containing Time at Indian Ceramic Triennale Jaipur 2018

ACE tour
Containing Time National Centre for Craft and Design Sleaford, Ruthin Centre for Applied Arts Wales,  Gracefield Art Centre Dumfries

Containing Time at Korsbarsgarden Sweden 2016
Containing Time at Vessels Gallery Boston US 2015

Containing Time Soundscape

Kevin Flanagan

Containing Time Articles

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Moira Vincentelli Ceramic Review July/August 2016

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Linda Theophilus Neue Keramik August 2016

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Esther Carliner Viros Ceramics Monthly October 2015

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