The touring exhibition for Containing Time will soon start at National Centre for Craft and Design Lincoln from 8 July – 3 September followed by Ruthin Gallery Wales 30 September – 19 November and then Gracefield Art Centre Scotland 26 November – 7 January. Here is an example of a text, poem, photograph and ceramic bowl which are all an expression of finding stunted catkins on a felled tree in January. It is the 11th bowl of 52.

11        Stunted Catkin Heads                                    Suffolk Bridleway

22 January

I am dog walking along a field ditch edged with hedgerows and trees. The sky is cloudy grey, the path muddy soft from heavy rain. The prints of horses, deer and muntjak are etched into the ground. For a hundred meters ahead the line of hedging has been cut by the farmer, sliced by a chainsaw to reveal smooth yellow wood made indecent by sudden amputation. A hazel tree lies across the path; stunted catkins hang from the branches, their future pollination  a thwarted dream.

A hazel tree felled across the path

Smooth yellow wood

Sliced by a chainsaw

Stunted catkins hanging limply